Having grown up with the BBC computer in the 80’s and learnt about 6502 assembler, RS234 connections and BASIC it was fairly obvious that computers were in my future. As the 90’s passed it was a time to learn about PC’s and LINUX at home and then head off to Nottingham University to study Computer Science. My interest in a wide range of technology, applications and programming languages had developed by the 00’s and after training at Cambridge University’s Homerton College I qualified as a teacher. Over 10 Years later and my enthusiasm is still growing every time a student says “I get it!”.

Over the years I have picked up invaluable experience about the mistakes and misunderstandings that students of every age make. I have made sure to point out common areas of confusion and ensured that there is no Copy and Pasting of huge amounts of data. I believe education should be shared with the world so all the tutorials are free.

There is a nominal cost for access to all the teaching resources for every course currently available and in production simply to cover equipment and website maintenance costs. If you don’t want to pay for the teaching materials then just create your own accordingly.

Happy Coding,